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Gay webseries around the world


Websites like YouTube and Dailymotion have revolutionised visual entertainment for the better, especially for shows that cater to an LGBT public. Web series have allowed for filmmakers with big ideas to get around big production companies to finally get their work seen and appreciated by the masses ; a step that may take off their careers.

Husbands (USA)

Husbands is what you get when an ex-Mormon All-star baseball player, that no one suspects bats for the other team, accidentally marries a gay tabloid sensation in a drunken celebration of their state’s introduction of marriage equality. These two feel they cannot file for divorce in fear of “ruining” gay marriage. The two remain married and we get to see an example of what the life of a celebrity gay married couple would be like. One thing to note is that the baseball player is ‘masculine’ while his actor husband is ‘feminine’ and thus the gay couple has been modelled on straight couples. But Cheek’s humour is worth the watch, gay sportsmen finally get representation and the story does develop from a trashy Las Vegas wedding, to a serious discussion about marriage and what it means for both characters. .

The Horizon (Australia)

In the land down under, young Jake from a small farming town takes on the big city, Sydney. At last he gets to live his life and soon enough gets comfortable with his sexuality. The reason for the move, love by internet application, and love spares him no mercy from infidelity. Hurt and with nowhere to go, Wilma Bumhurt, the show’s beloved and fabulous drag queen, takes him in. A beautiful friendship starts along with all the drama that ensues after. It is a soap opera that is sponsored by many local brands that promote safe-sex between homosexual men.

G&T (Italy)
Standing for Giulio and Tommaso, the titular characters of the show, this series shows how two best friends were separated by a kiss ... and then I shan’t say more to not spoil the story for you. What is great is that we get to see the struggles we may have gone through, or that we may still be going through, as a person trying to accept their sexuality. There’s even a lovely twist the second season offers to add some diversity. It is in Italian, but subtitles are available in English and in French.

Cucumber / Banana (United Kingdom)

Set in Manchester, these two shows are set in the same universe and must be watched together to understand the broader image. Cucumber is the main story, centred on an older generation, it follows Henry through his mid-life crisis. Banana is younger and trendier, and it comprises 8 different stories showing the beautiful romances of lesbian and gay couples, as well as an M2F Trans storyline. The shows complement one another and are a great representation of contemporary LGBT life in England.

Thomas Shamuyarira

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